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LS&W celebrating 33 years in business!!

January 2014 marks the 33rd anniversary of Lidbury, Summers & Whiteman in Forster.

The office was established in 1981 by Brian Lidbury and traded under the name Degotardi, Smith & Partners (Forster). The original office was located in Wharf Street, Forster and the practice consisted of 4 staff. Within 6 months the staff had expanded to 14 and the firm then moved to their current premises (across the road!). A few of the original staff are still employed with us today!!

LS&W are a sustainable business partner

Lidbury, Summers & Whiteman are proud to be involved with Great Lakes Council's Sustainable Small Business Program.

This means that our business is committed to reducing our ecological footprint through energy, water and waste reductions.

For more information click here.

To download Lidbury, Summer & Whiteman's Energy Sustainability Policy click here.

LS&W wins Award of Excellence!

Lidbury, Summers & Whiteman won the 2006 NSW Awards For Excellence in Surveying & Spatial Information in the Land Development Category for their work on Seven Mile Beach, Forster.

LS&W were part of the team of consultants on this project, undertaking Road and Drainage, Water and Sewer Reticulation design and Civil administration with a high involvement in the Community Title and site planning components. 

This project also became a finalist in the National APSEA (Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards).


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